InTegrat position for growth as InTarget

By Staff Writer 

Mobile services aggregator Integrat is now InTarget after completing a rebranding exercise that will see it better-positioned to explore opportunities as a diversified mobile advertising and related solutions provider.

As one of South Africa’s most established WASPs (Wireless Application Service Providers) with a 15-year pedigree, Integrat provided mobile aggregation, premium SMS, mobile billing and bulk SMS services across the African continent.

It last year launched InTarget after securing mobile advertising tenders from MTN and Airtel which called for the commercialisation of mobile advertising platforms in 32 African countries and Iran.

After successfully completing the first ten mobile advertising integrations as InTarget, it became clear to Integrat’s leadership that the future growth of WASPs would be tied to their ability to exploit mobile advertising opportunities in South Africa and beyond.

“Collapsing the decade-and-a-half Integrat brand into the new InTarget entity and staying true to a diversification strategy will ensure our continued exponential growth,” said InTarget Chief Officer: Sales and Marketing, Mike Laws. He added that Integrat survived the turbulent times that continue to present challenges for WASPs by pursuing the diversification strategy that this week has seen the Integrat brand retired.

Together with the need to diversify revenue streams is the ever-present need for mobile services firms to remain lean while offering clients a streamlined experience.

“InTarget is now the proverbial one-stop shop for any organisation wishing to either exploit the opportunities offered by mobile advertising solutions, or reach the customers of mobile operators,” said Laws.


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