Turrito snaps up Antalis WAN outsourcing contract


By Staff Writer

Turrito Networks, a MICROmega Group company, has been awarded an IT infrastructure upgrade contract from Antalis South Africa to modernise its network.

Antalis is one of the largest distributors of printing and digital papers in the country, as well as a range of printing and finishing equipment and consumables (inks and plates), Visual Communication media, Industrial Packaging supplies and Logistic Solutions.

Alwyn Miller, executive IT manager at Antalis, said: “Bandwidth was a constant challenge for us. We wanted to enhance our services by incorporating things like video conferencing but the infrastructure was not able to cater for this. Our ageing infrastructure also resulted in users not getting the best experience.”

Following discussions with several leading ICT solutions providers, Antalis decided on Turrito Networks as it not only met its core requirements but also provided the organisation with a personalised services offering.

Louis Jardim, Commercial Director at Turrito Networks
Louis Jardim, Commercial Director at Turrito Networks

“We did not want to be the small fish in a big pond. Turrito is a partner that makes us feel important and can deal with the telecoms and internet operators on our behalf,” said Miller.

The Antalis WAN infrastructure will be outsourced to Turrito Networks, across all its branches covering Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, and Botswana.

“This is a great win for us and we are excited about the possibilities that this new partnership provides. We have found that customers like Antalis all have similar challenges in dealing with the tier one providers – very few (if any) client-facing touchpoints, no understanding of their unique requirements, and quite often just adopting a commodity-approach,” says Louis Jardim, commercial director at Turrito Networks.

Turrito takes pride that it is an agnostic provider of infrastructure solutions and provides its customers with the solutions that best fit their requirements. Delivering all the networks, and all the solutions, from one provider


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