execMobile intro a Rugby World Cup data roaming special


Today execMobile introduced a 2015 Rugby World Cup data roaming agreement to enable South African travelling to the games in England an affordable, secure and convenient way to remain connected. South Africans travellers to the UK will be able to tweet securely any exciting moments during the World Cup. Also they will be able to post their pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and WhatsApp. They can also use Skype. By Gugu Lourie

South Africans travelling to the 2015 Rugby World Cup hosted by England from 18 September to 31 October will be able to avoid high roaming cellular costs through a SIM card or a PocketWifi (a portable Wifi dongle) solution provided by execMobile.

execMobile, is a  South African-based firm  that provide SIM cards and PocketWifi. It is targeting travellers to the UK with its affordable, secure and convenient roaming solution.

For travellers to the Rugby World Cup, execMobile will charge 2GB of data on a SIM basis only for R799. ZTE MF65 PocketWifi for R1399 with 2GB of data valid in 33 European countries.

execMobile founder Craig Lowe
execMobile founder Craig Lowe

“We are giving you Wifi that travels with you,” explains execMobile founder Craig Lowe.

A natural choice for connectivity for travellers, especially for travellers to England during the World Cup will be free Wifi, which is mostly not secure and doesn’t provide mobility.

execMobile through its UK suppliers will be able to deliver SIM cards and PocketWifis to travellers, enabling them to stay connected in stadiums, be able to search Google Maps and call an Uber taxi in a secure personal Wifi.

Lowe said execMobile was trying to do something at the airports to entice travellers to use its solution.

“Our biggest challenge is to make people aware that there is an alternative. Like any convenience you have to pay for it,” says Lowe.


“You can’t compete against free Wifi. But if you want that convenience to tweet securely on your personal Wifi from the stadium; we can give that to you at an affordable price.

“You don’t have to be tech savvy to take the advantage of our solution. We are giving you mobile Wifi, a device that you need to charge, a simple solution; you don’t have to configure.”


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