execMobile targets M2M roaming


execMobile is preparing to expand into the roaming of things (Internet of Things) in a move aimed at capturing a sizeable share of the billion dollar market. By Gugu Lourie

execMobile has been in business for five years. Based in South Africa the firm has been working on perfecting the art of keeping people connected in an “affordable, safe and convenient” way.

Through its PocketWifi solution, execMobile helps travellers avoid massive international roaming costs for data.

It allows users “easy and affordable” mobile data while travelling abroad and connects to superfast 3G networks in 149 countries.

A traveller (individuals, SMEs or corporate) can be connected online wherever they are. An individual traveler can buy prepaid data bundles from R1/MB that can be used in at least 109 countries. A corporate traveler can get a contract that is valid in 149 countries from as little as 66c/MB.

Craig Lowe founder of execMobile

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, mobile connectivity is now a must-have. Ensuring that you will have reliable Internet access on your travels – anytime, anywhere – is arguably now as important as getting your visa and passport ready.

When asked about the company’s plans, Craig Lowe founder of execMobile said: “We are increasingly moving into roaming things (Internet of Things) and not people”.


He added: “So, we are increasingly putting emphasis on telemetry because of our relationship with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM providers. So, we are able to move into looking at roaming things not people.”

The execMobile’s Webbing PocketWifi is equipped with multiple M2M SIMs to enable mobile data services in multiple countries and also allows you to insert your own local data SIM card or supplement 149+ country coverage.

The market for M2M is set for massive growth.

Juniper Research forecasts that the M2M sector will generate service revenues of more than $40 billion globally by 2019 – doubling the size of today’s market.

As part of its push, execMobile is providing its managed global platform at a decent rate to companies to do exciting things and innovation.

“I’m excited about the possibility of people coming to us; saying we need you guys to provide us with a managed global platform,” explains Lowe.

Unlike free Wifi in coffee shops and hotels, execMobile roaming data solution provides secure connectivity.

“How long will Wifi stay bad?” asked Lowe before answering his own question with a blunt “I don’t know”.

Wifi networks can become congested and potentially insecure and not feasible for many corporates.

PocketWifi (Webbing): It works just like a Wi-Fi hotspot, but it's personal, secure and fits in your pocket! Share your internet connection with up to 10 Wi-Fi capable devices or friends.
PocketWifi (Webbing): It works just like a Wi-Fi hotspot, but it’s personal, secure and fits in your pocket! Share your internet connection with up to 10 Wi-Fi capable devices or friends.


Lowe asked: “So, how long will end point security stay in the state that’s in? When will corporates start beefing up their security and when will Wifi go to a level when everybody can use it everywhere, safe and conveniently.”

Lowe had more questions to pose: “How long is that horizon; is it two years, three years?”

He curtly responded “I don’t know. A that stage our business will be probably dead. But there is always a need to keep things connected and that’s why we are looking beyond roaming people.”

Lowe is a former employee of UK-based BT. He also worked at BT with Brian Armstrong (now a senior executive at Telkom) to set up offices in Middle East and Africa.


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