New FNB digital banking ad campaign 


FNB today announced the launch of its latest marketing campaign to encourage digital banking via its innovative platforms. The campaign revolves around the concept of time and cost saving when banking digitally. By Staff Writer

The TV advert focuses on real people going about their everyday lives and highlights minor frustrations that take up time such as leaving your wallet in a taxi, spilling a cappuccino in your lap, looking for your car in an underground garage or failing to get a tie right in the morning.

“The adverts are light-hearted and ordinary South Africans will identify with the small nuances that form part of daily life,” says Faye Mfikwe, FNB Chief Marketing Officer. “We wanted to show that FNB understands that life happens and that through our digital platforms, banking shouldn’t add to these situations but be easy and hassle free.”

This campaign is in line with FNB’s strategy to migrate customers to digital platforms.

“We pride ourselves on having South Africa’s best digital banking platforms. We are a bank of digital  “firsts” from our Online Banking, to the launch of SA’s first banking application for smartphones, to the sale of over 285 000 smart devices,” says Mfikwe.




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