Jasco appoints Craig Unsworth as MD of Electrical Manufacturers


The Jasco group announced on Wednesday that it has recently appointed Craig Unsworth as its new MD of Jasco Electrical Manufacturers. By Staff Writer

Unsworth is no stranger to the manufacturing industry. He began his career with Jasco Electrical Manufacturers (formerly Special Cables) in 1997 as an assistant to the Financial Manager, and later in 2007, he was appointed as the Financial Director.

Unsworth is tasked with the responsibility of diversifying and growing the business.

Jasco Electrical Manufacturers offers an outsourced manufacturing service for a number of industries on an ad-hoc and contract basis. The company also assists with product development and also features a range of in-house developed products including electrical plugs, adapters, extensions and salt-water chlorinators.


Unsworth’s financial background has provided him with a solid foundation for the role of MD.  He explains, “Having a grip on the numbers is key. It is vital to understand the financial health of the organisation in order to create the appropriate strategy for the business going forward. The financial component provides direction with regards to future growth, client retention and sustainability.  Driving sustainability for all stakeholders in the business is crucial, including the community, the Government (SARS) and its investors.”



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