Oscar trumps memories of Mandela on social media

Almost 70% of social media activity was dedicated to the ruling handed down in Bloemfontein on Thursday, which found Pistorius guilty of murder.

Making up less than a tenth of that was activity remembering late president Nelson Mandela. He died on December 5 two years ago at the age of 95, after suffering from a prolonged respiratory infection.

World Aids day, the former Paralympian and terrorism attacks all received more coverage than Mandela in local news.

Oscar and Mandela were small blips in international headlines the last week, being overshadowed by terrorism attacks in Paris and other parts of the world.

The research was compiled from 89 000 online newspapers globally, and 206 million social networks.

The local data came from thousands of printed publications in South African and rest of Africa and 76 South African radio and TV stations. – News24


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