Be aware of fong kong UHD TVs in SA

Consumers beware: Major TV manufacturer is warning its customers about a fake Ultra-High Definition (UHD) TV being sold around the country.

Samsung warns buyers of an UHD TV to be certain they are purchasing a genuine 4K set in order to guarantee the most thrilling and immersive entertainment experience.

The firm cautioned consumers against some of the so-called branded televisions on the market that are not true UHD.

Spotting the difference between real and pseudo 4K / UHD TVs

 Take a close-up photo of a white portion of your TV screen

  • Zoom in the photo as far as it will go:
    • If you see perfect vertical and horizontal lines of red, green and blue, repeated in this order throughout, your TV is a genuine 4K UHD TV.
    • However, if you see any lines of white mixed in with the red, green and blue lines, your TV delivers pseudo UHD TV.

Generally, fake UHD TVs do not come with as much feature variety as the genuine article and rarely give consumers the connected lifestyle and dynamic experience that come standard with the real thing.

“Customers should always check the exact resolution of any television that claims to be UHD quality,” says Matthew Thackrah, deputy MD  at Samsung Electronics SA. “It is essential to examine the credentials of any manufacturer claiming to sell a UHD TV and to make sure that resolution is true 4K. Check that the TV has an aspect ratio of at least 16:9, a colour bit depth of 8 bits and a high frame rate of around 24p to 60p. Many units don’t have clear information about the display or the core technology, so ask the right questions and make sure you get the right answers before you make a purchase.”






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