WATCH: E-tolls slayer warns Gordhan not to raise taxes

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has been urged not to hike taxes and instead focus on cutting down on the size and cost of government, and privatise state owned enterprises (SOEs).

Wayne Duvenage, who started Outa as a body to fight road agency Sanral on the implementation of e-tolls in Gauteng, has broadened the scope of the organisation to challenge government’s misuse of taxpayers’ money.

In a message to Gordhan, Duvenage said government has displayed a growing appetite for additional taxes over and above the standard taxes, without delivering the required value.

“The result… has been less return for our input and in its place, a bloated and inefficient government,” he said.

“The citizens are tired for incessant requests for more taxes, whilst maladministration , gross ineptitude and corruption continues unabated.

“We are becoming an over taxed and overburdened society,” he said. “Our request is simple: plug the gaping holes in your leaking tax bucket.

“We suggest that you reduce the bloated size and extravagant costs of our government by 30% over the next five years,” he said.

He also wants government to fight corruption seriously, change laws to attract investment and put more resources into health and education.

“Give the people the dignity and ability to learn and to live healthy lives,” he said. – Fin24


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