ShowMax has added AirPlay support for iPhones and iPads

ShowMax has now added AirPlay support for iPhones and iPads. This makes it possible to broadcast shows and movies direct from iOS devices to big-screen TVs. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t have a smart TV but still wants to sit back and watch ShowMax. By Staff Writer

The app now supports AirPlay, making it possible to broadcast TV shows and movies direct from iOS devices to an Apple TV, which in turn displays the content on a big-screen TV.

The firm, which is owned by Naspers, said in a statement that this is part of an ongoing drive to add a wide range of ‘lean back’ viewing options, making ShowMax accessible on the big screen, perfect for watching from the couch.

Owners of iPhones and iPads will need an Apple TV, which plugs into the HDMI port present on most big-screen TVs, in order to use this functionality. The Apple TV receives the video stream from the iOS device and then displays it directly on the TV.

“Not everyone has a smart TV and this is the first of a number of solutions we’re introducing that mean you don’t need to change your TV in order to use our service. We’re on a mission to get ShowMax on to as many TV screens as possible,” said Mike Raath, Chief Technology Officer for ShowMax.

To access this new AirPlay functionality, owners of iOS devices will need to update the ShowMax app to the latest version. Second, third, and the new fourth generation Apple TVs are all supported. A WiFi router is needed to connect iOS devices to Apple TV, and internet connectivity is needed to stream ShowMax.


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