ShowMax intro support for Apple TV, Chromecast

The ShowMax app is now live on Apple TV bringing an incredible experience to the living room. Stream your favourite shows and movies with the ShowMax app for Apple TV. By Staff Writer

To start watching ShowMax instantly, search for ‘ShowMax’ in the Apple TV App Store. If you are a ShowMax subscriber, simply enter your username and password to start streaming from over 20,000 episodes of top-class TV shows and movies.

The Naspers’ owned firm also said that it has added Chromecast support to its Android app, making it possible to broadcast shows and movies directly from Android smartphones and tablets to big-screen TVs.

“It’s the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t have a smart TV but still wants to sit back and watch ShowMax,” said the company.

Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port present on most big-screen TVs. Chromecast is one of a number of different devices that effectively turn normal TVs into smart TVs. By enabling Chromecast support on the ShowMax app, owners of Android smartphones and tablets can ‘cast’ ShowMax TV shows and movies via Wifi to the Chromecast player which in turn seamlessly displays the same content on the big-screen TV.

“There are times that all we want to do is sit back on the couch and take in a good movie. With this new functionality it’s as simple as finding the show on your Android smartphone or tablet and pressing play – it’ll be on the TV instantly,” Mike Raath, Chief Technology Officer for ShowMax said.

“We’re on a roll. This is the third new viewing option we’ve added in recent weeks. Having launched on Apple TV and adding AirPlay support to our app for iPhones and iPads in early March, and there’s more to come. One way or the other, we aim to have a solution for anyone wanting to watch ShowMax using whichever device is most convenient.”


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