Makro stores now offers ShowMax prepaid vouchers

ShowMax expands local partnerships to improve access to internet TV, enbaling Makro stores nationwide to offer its prepaid vouchers. Makro joins Pick n Pay, CNA and Game stores where ShowMax vouchers can be purchased.

This moves gives access to many viewers who do not have a credit card or PayPal account.

ShowMax prepaid vouchers can also be bought online using eBucks.

One of the major obstacles holding back the uptake of internet TV in South Africa is the cost of internet. Which is why ShowMax is partnering with internet service providers (ISPs), like Telkom, to give subscribers access to high-speed internet at an affordable price.

“These partnerships are a big deal for us to give users a really convenient experience. The in-store vouchers are about giving subscribers more options to pay. For the ISPs it’s about looking at ways to give our users fast internet at a fair price to stream and download ShowMax content,” John Kotsaftis, CEO at ShowMax said.

“We are developing ShowMax to address specific challenges in the South African market like the fact that many consumers don’t have a credit card. The same applies to the lack of internet connectivity, which is why our app supports downloads.”


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