Uber ‘goes green’ as it plans to introduce electric vehicle rides in Jozi

Today in Johannesburg, Uber has launched its first green service and is counting on Joburgers to take a ride towards greneer mobility in the city of gold.

The pilot-project, dubbed uberGREEN, offers 100% electric rides with the BMW i3 and Nissan LEAF, at uberX prices.

According to a statement from Uber today, Top Uber riders and WRewards members will have access to UberGREEN from Wednesday 4th May to Sunday 8th May. It will then open up to everyone in Johannesburg from Monday 9th May to Friday 3rd June.

UberGREEN will only be available between 7:00AM to 7:00PM every day.

“As UberGREEN is still a pilot project, the number of electric cars will be limited and you can expect demand to be high,” Uber’s Mayuri Pillay, said in a blog post.

“Throughout the 6 weeks, we will be measuring the CO2 emissions you will be saving by choosing an UberGREEN ride, as opposed to a fossil fuel one. This is a step towards a more sustainable mobility that will help us answer a simple albeit important question: what is the impact of carbon-free, on-demand travel in reducing CO2 emissions in South Africa?”


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