New .xyz domains available free today & tomorrow

ICANN-accredited registrar is marking the second anniversary of the .xyz top level domain (gTLD) by dropping all costs on .xyz domain name registration on 01 and 02 June 2016. There is a limit of (5) five .xyz domains per customer.

In addition, from 03 to 30 June, the .xyz domain name registration fee will be set at R10 only. Any client purchasing a website hosting or Site Builder account from can receive a free .xyz domain with their package. Qualified users can also register an .xyz domain for free from Bluehost.

“With increasing competition making it nearly impossible for brands to register the .com or .net domains they need, the .xyz domain is now another leading choice for anyone interested in a three-letter, top level domain,” said Wayne Diamond, MD of

The top level domain (TLD) .xyz became available to the general public in June 2014. According to Wikipedia, .xyz reached 1.5 million domain name registrations in November 2015. A milestone for the TLD was Google’s decision to use for its corporate (Alphabet, Inc.) website. Additional proof of the new domain’s growing online acceptance can be found in the visit to China this very week by the .XYZ founder to establish relationships with Chinese domain registrars.

“Possibly the biggest benefit of .xyz to the worldwide Internet community is that it enables the kind of fresh creativity in domain name registration that has become increasingly difficult in a cluttered web,” Diamond said.

Anyone, anywhere, can use .xyz for any purpose. It’s for bloggers, retailers and ideal for companies that want a shorter version of their URL, are looking to launch promotions and microsites, or simply want to shake up their image.

“We end the alphabet with XYZ, it makes sense to end a domain name the same way,” said Diamond.



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