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Wed, May 12, 2021

FNB warns customers of phishing emails, SARS eFiling scam

The banking group has issued a warning and is urging its customers to be more vigilant due to increasing banking scams in the country.

“In an attempt to steal personal details, fraudsters often send emails with attachments purporting to be a payment notification or bank statements,” FNB said in a note on its website.

FNB added that fraudsters are notorious for sending emails, often with links or attachments purporting to be a payment notification or bank statement (see example below).

In this case the email requests you to redeem an epayment from SARS.

FNB Sars










What happens when you enter your login details?

“The fraudsters will be in a position to access your banking profile with the details you have provided,” said FNB.











Remember, FNB will NEVER ask for your username, password or PIN in an email, SMS or phone call. Never select a link to our website that was sent via email. Always type in FNB’s web address. Report fraud on 087 575 9444.

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