Edward Snowden designs an iPhone case that alerts user to surveillance

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has co-designed a new iPhone case that would show when the device is transmitting information, the Telegraph reported on Friday.

The newspaper said the iPhone case was designed with the intent of helping journalist keep tabs on whether their phones, wi-fi or Bluetooth connection is being used to share or receive data.

“Unfortunately, journalists can be betrayed by their own tools. Their smartphones, an essential tool for communicating with sources and the outside world–as well as for taking photos and authoring articles–are also the perfect tracking device,” co-designer Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, a well known hardware hacker, and Snowden said in the paper according to the Telegraph.

In the paper Huang and Snowden point out that while most devices can be put on airplane mode and have controls to switch off wi-fi and bluetooth these are just “soft switches” that have no essential correlation with the hardware state.

The orange highlighted part is a proposed FPC which exits via the SIM card port and routes signals from the modified iPhone6 mainboard to the introspection engine’s electronics. (Photo Credit: Pub Pub)

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