Telkom fibre infrastructure in Limpopo hit by sabotage

Thousands of mobile network users and fixed line customers in Limpopo were yesterday left without connectivity following a serious incident of sabotage to the Telkom network. By Staff Writer

Most of the mobile operators have been affected by the sabotage, along with businesses and individual consumers, in the province.

“Technicians were immediately despatched to the sites where the fibre cables were cut and they have been working through the night to restore connectivity”, said Jacqui O’Sullivan, Telkom Group spokesman.

“Three significant cable breaks occurred but this was not cable theft. This was the targeted and considered action of a person or persons who knew where to go, how to access the fibre and how to do the most damage. This was sabotage”, she said.

Telkom has reported the matter to the South African Police Services as well as the Department of State Security. State security services have immediately bolstered security at key communication points and Telkom is cooperating with the authorities to share all information that could be used to identify the saboteurs.

Telkom has also announced a R250 000 reward for any information leading to the successful prosecution of the perpetrators of this sabotage.

“The Criminal Matters Amendment Act has created a new offence to criminalise damage to essential infrastructure or interfering with the functioning of basic services through criminal activity. We will vigorously pursue this investigation and will make sure that the full might of the law is brought to bear on any person involved in this crime,” said O’Sullivan.

Any information, related to this or other crimes on Telkom’s infrastructure, may be reported to the Telkom emergency hotline on 0800 124 000.


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