MTN to outsource its Call Centre facilities


MTN plans to outsource some of its Call Centre facilities in a bid to optimise its operations and enhance customer experience. By Staff Writer

“To that end, MTN has adopted a hybrid outsource model which will result in MTN retaining some call centre facilities while others are outsourced to a third party vendor,” the company announced on Wednesday.

MTN expects the process to be completed by September this year.

The outsource partners have a sound financial track record and have an impeccable reputation in the call centre industry, having provided services to a number of companies in the retail, telecommunications and financial services sectors.

MTN has commenced the process of engaging with the employees and the unions regarding its plans in line with Section 197 of the Labour Relations Act.

“MTN will be working very closely with all stakeholders during this process,” the company said on Wednesday.

The finalization of this commercial undertaking will enable MTN to streamline its operations and focus on its core competencies, improve its ability to offer its customers a better customer value proposition and reduce operational costs.



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