Why are we still signing documents with pen and paper?

How often have you had to drop everything and rush off to sign an important document in person? Or wasted time by receiving a document, printing it out, signing it, rescanning it and sending it back? By Staff Writer

These days it is as easy as a few swipes of your smart device to send money anywhere in the world, so why aren’t we doing the same with our signatures?

Meet Impression, a new app that is designed to convenience individuals and businesses by allowing users to digitally sign and send important documents from their smart devices, wherever they are.

All signatures signed with Impression are secure, legally recognised and fully compliant with relevant legislation. Impression also captures 3D information, such as how hard a person presses at each point of the signature, making it virtually impossible to replicate fraudulently.

Impression allows various benefits depending on if users are utilising the app in an individual, business or enterprise capacity.

Andrew Papastefanou is the founder of Impression Signatures and was named one of Africa’s Top Aspiring Innovators at this year’s Gartner Symposium/ITxpo at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in September this year.

Impression is available as a free download on Apple iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft Store and allows users to open and share documents with popular apps such as Whatsapp, DropBox, Google Drive and email.

Everyday Use

Individual – Impressions Signatures: Life-defining moments start with a signature.

From signing your first offer of employment to completing your first car or home loan, major life events are made official with your unique signature on the documents. Impression™ is a unique, free to download app that gives you the power to sign those important documents on your smart device, anywhere and at any time, enabling you to effortlessly make your mark and take the first step in life’s big journeys.

With the Impression app, you are able to view and sign all documents on any device with standard software. The Impression™ Signatures app is free to download and available to use on a range of devices.

It’s environmentally-friendly as it cuts out the need to print and store long, complex documents. All this, while helping you stay ahead of the game with cutting edge technology and security.

On-the-go, Unique and Flexible

 Whether you are on holiday in another country without remote access to your personal mails or unable to connect to the internet or Wifi, you will still be able to successfully and safely sign off any document with ease.
With Impression you don’t need to be in an office or have expensive software to submit all your important paperwork. You can now sign documents on the go wherever you are. Simply use the app to provide your signature and send the document off. It’s a quick and effortless solution that also gives you the ability to sign documents while you are offline to send them once you are connected again.


It gets better! All your signed documents can be opened from and shared with many of your other popular apps like DropBox, Google Drive, Whatsapp and Email.


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