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Do you see yourself using the “Uber of funerals” to arrange the funeral of your recently-departed family members and friends? In Russia, a new on-demand start-up is planning to do just that and the company is already raising some eyebrows in the Russian Internet.

The company is known as Umer (Mind you it’s not a typo). Umer is the Russian for “he’s dead”.

The firm is targeting to make its debut in the next two months, according to the BBC report.

The Umer app – which its logo looks indistinctly comparable Uber’s old one – is designed to make it easier for the bereaved unfamiliar with the process to arrange the funerals of their friends and family members.

The company is mimicking the ride-sharing service of Uber.

You will simple type in the app the deceased’s name, date of death, religion, and address. The users of the app will then be able to choose whether they prefer cremation or burial, and options for various gravestones.

BBC reports that Russians appear unimpressed by the idea.

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