If you want to listen to your cool music on the earbuds that deliver sound with accurate tonal balance, even dispersion, natural clarity, and a rich, dynamic range, resulting in an outstanding listening experience, try Impulse Wireless.

I have been using them for the past two weeks and was thrilled.

We have been using them on the iPhone 6s and a Lenovo laptop to see if they are capable of being a device to be utilised at home, in the office and on the go.

The iFrogz premium audio wireless earbuds are worth below R600 at Takealot and Musica Stores, but their styling will make someone think you have paid more for this wireless earbud. This is great because several Bluetooth audio devices currently priced above R700.

The Charisma Wireless, women specifically design the female-inspired Charisma, for women, is also selling under R599.99.  While the Summit Wireless, designed with an active lifestyle in mind, and Plugz Wireless, one of the top selling IFROGZ products, are also retailing below R599.99.

So, with the iFrogz audio Impulse Wireless earbuds, you enjoy the premium sound experience without breaking the bank.

They provide sound quality close to your iPhone EarPods.

In a way, they are budget-friendly buds but still making you look as if you are using a premium audio wireless earbuds.

The Impulse Wireless earbuds are an entry-point to wireless music at best and could be useful in these frugal times, where we expect interest rate, petrol, and food prices to skyrocket to the fact that the country has been pushed into a junk status by the rating agencies.

The iFrogz premium audio wireless earbuds are available at TakeAlot and Musica stores and lessen the niggling entanglement of wires
The iFrogz premium audio wireless earbuds are available at TakeAlot and Musica stores and lessen the niggling entanglement of wires (Photo Credit: www.shutterstock.com)

iFrogz, a Nasdaq-listed ZAGG’s brand specialising in creative mobile accessories, produces the Impulse Wireless Bluetooth earbuds that allow customers to plug into their music without the inconvenience of wires.

The new iFrogz lineup is designed to cut the cord and deliver a more enabling experience while alleviating bulky earbuds and control modules, two challenges that plague existing Bluetooth audio solutions.

I was also able through the Impulse Wireless Bluetooth earbuds to take phone calls and control my music.

Furthermore, iFrogz has claimed that the Impulse Wireless Bluetooth earbuds have a battery life of up to 10 hours. This past long weekend, I had fully charged the buds and I was able to enjoy my alternative, rock, and local hip hop music for 13 hours, before I had to recharge the earbuds.

I enjoyed the quality of sound of James Blake as I listen to his latest album “The Colour in Anything”. I could enjoy all the natural clarity of the instruments from the album as if I was using a Bose sound system. It didn’t matter that the Impulse Wireless Bluetooth earbuds were affordable and not premium priced.

I could walk around the yard with my iPhone 6s on my desk and venture outside while the sound signal was maintained 100%.

The beauty about these buds is that they allow one to connect to Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows listen to music, watch movies, and talk to friends without plugging a wire.

There’s no lag between watching YouTube on the laptop.

I took the Impulse Wireless Bluetooth earbuds and my iPhone 6s for a test during my jogging and could play my music through my workout. I later learned that the buds are sweat-resistant.

What is more, the buds come with the Earbud Tips for Life limited lifetime warranty, if your earbud tips get worn or damaged, iFrogz will replace them.

The Impulse Wireless Bluetooth earbuds provide wonderful sound and are convenient to carry.

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