For millions of people around the world looking for a comfortable taxi journey, riding in a taxi became a more enjoyable experience – and better for the environment – in 2013 when a taxi company in Japan went all in and converted its entire fleet of conventional taxis to zero-emission Nissan LEAFs.

It was the first step in a global electric taxi revolution.

Since then, taxi companies in Spain, The Netherlands, Hungary, the UK, Jordan, Mexico and Poland have all adopted zero-emission Nissan electric taxis.

Today, Nissan taxis – LEAF, e-NV200 or both – are in service on five continents, 26 countries and 113 cities around the world.

Find out more about Nissan EV taxi leadership in the videos below:

Reduced emissions, significant savings and cheaper maintenance for taxi companies – plus a quiet and comfortable ride for passengers – are all benefits of electric taxis.

With proven business results and cost savings, zero-emission Nissan taxis are the smarter choice, bringing Nissan Intelligent Mobility to customers and taxi liveries worldwide.

Through electric vehicles, Intelligent Mobility is Nissan’s way of transforming how cars are driven, powered and integrated into wider society.

Find out more about Nissan EV taxi leadership in the infographic:

Find out more about Nissan EV taxi leadership in the infographic
Find out more about Nissan EV taxi leadership in the infographic

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During our trip, this week to Japan for the #NissanIntelligentMobility Tour 2017, journalists from several countries from Africa, Middle East, India, and Latin America region undertook a series of engagements to get a better understanding of Nissan’s various innovations and smart solutions.

Guided by the vision of mobility for all, Nissan has embarked upon a strategy to deliver a comprehensive series of innovations that will make transportation safer, smarter, and more enjoyable with the goal of achieving zero emissions and zero fatalities.

Nissan is bringing many of these innovations from luxury segments to compact and high volume models and ensuring everyone has access to the benefits and making cars exciting partners for all our customers.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility encompasses three core areas of innovation:

  • Nissan Intelligent Driving helps to give customers more confidence in enhanced safety, control, and comfort for everyone on board. The building blocks for autonomous driving are already built into Nissan cars with an extensive set of advanced safety features including Intelligent Around-View Monitor and Intelligent Lane Intervention. Autonomous drive technologies can already be found in certain Nissan vehicles today, including the Nissan Serena, the first model produced for the mass market to feature ProPILOT technology.
  •  Nissan Intelligent Power makes driving more exciting for customers by continuing to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. Nissan is committed to a holistic approach to achieving zero-emission mobility by making internal combustion engines more efficient and putting more advanced technologies into our electric vehicles.
  • Nissan Intelligent Integration keeps customers more connected by conveniently linking Nissan cars to the wider society. Nissan is helping to shape a sustainable ecosystem enabling cars to interact with people, other cars, and road infrastructure.  This approach will eventually lead to remote vehicle operation, reduced traffic jams, more efficient car-sharing, and improved energy management.


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