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The Tambour Horizon smartwatch is Louis Vuitton’s first foray into the connected watch game

Its sister brand TAG Heuer has been one of the earliest among the traditional houses to have a smart watch in the collection.

Tambour-Horizon-Monogram_Trois-Quart (Photo Credit: LV)

The high-end fashion retailer worked with Google and Qualcomm for the Tambour Horizon.

What sets the Tambour Horizon apart from other connected watches are the applications available.

First the skins of the dials are all reflective of the various models from Louis Vuitton.

Also unique is the City Guide, which Louis Vuitton now currently publishes as small booklets which is not integrated and available on the watch. Clever integration is

Tambour-Horizon-Graphite_Face (Photo Credit: LV)

used to simplify a traveler’s needs.

For example, the watch automatically recognises the city, and is able to suggest, via a set of filters restaurants, bars, hotels, and attractions nearby.

One of the interesting features is to give the watch a specific time, and it is able to suggest say the restaurants in the Louis Vuitton guide which are nearby which are open during the hours selected.

The Escale dial features a 24 hours watch face showing 24 timezones in cities with the signature flag decoration. It also displays the weather, temperature and step counter is another.

Tambour-Horizon-Black_Profile (Photo Credit: LV)

The “My Flight” Travel face is also interesting. It works when the user emails the travel itinerary to a specific Louis Vuitton site, and the application tracks the flight times, and reminds the user when the flight is due.

It also communicates with the airport to get the actual gate, including delays, changes, and displays this on the dial.

The watch charges via a wireless charging station, and is reported to last 10 hours on a full charge with regular use.

The watches starts at R33, 235.92 ($2, 450) to R39, 340.48 ($2, 900).


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