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Tuluntulu, an African mobile content platform, has teamed up with Rhodes Business School and Nedbank to launch a new 24/7 economic empowerment TV channel on the Tuluntulu app.

Tuluntulu’s vision is to improve the lives of the people of Africa using relevant African content, at the least cost to the end user.

The ‘Tuluntulu’ app is free to download, no subscriptions, free on Wi-Fi and uses less data (+-50MB per hour) than any other streaming app when connect via mobile networks.

The video content is created by Rhodes University Business School (RBS) focusing on Economics, Commercial Law, Entrepreneurship and financial planning.

Funded by Nedbank, the Rhodes Business School channel aims to be an incubator to promote social enterprise, entrepreneurship and empower people with business management skills.

“We are delighted to increase our free TV offering to over 40 x 24/7 TV channels. Education is a key focus and this new RBS channel is one of seven dedicated education focused TV channels. The Tuluntulu app provides a distribution and monetisation plaform for our content partners, and exposure for our sponsors like Nedbank’,” said Pierre van der Hoven, Tuluntulu’s Founder and CEO.

“Economic empowerment is especially relevant content right now, and Tuluntulu is delighted to add the new RBS TV channel to our offering.”

Professor Owen Skae, Director of the Rhodes Business School, said the project, speaks to the need for Rhodes University to join other higher education institutions globally who play a major role in their immediate communities through hubs of innovation across all faculties towards creating compassionate cities through compassionate institutions, allowing Rhodes to evolve into a ‘communiversity’.

“The Rhodes Vice-Chancellor often talks about the concept of ‘brightening the corner where you are’; this is what we are doing. As part of the transformation agenda, universities and higher education institutions should focus on their role in advancing the social and economic growth of their cities and towns,” said Skae.

“It is the digital era and we need to find ways of making knowledge accessible at the lowest possible cost to as many people as possible. South Africa is at a cross road in its social economic development, having averaged a 1% economic growth over the last quarter century. As part of the pilot programme, we wanted to focus on more specific subjects and audiences to inspire young people to start businesses, grow the economy and employ more people.”

The Rhodes Music Radio station (RMR) is also available on the Tuluntulu app.

As a campus based community radio station, RMR can now reach a wider audience than just Grahamstown and surrounds. Founded in 1981, RMR is the first campus based station to be licensed



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