By Staff Writer

The Eternal Flame Church in Heathfield, Cape Town, has turn down rental income of up to R35,000 a month to have a cellphone mast placed on its new 9m-tall steeple, according to the Sunday Times.

Pastor Charles White told the newspaper that a company approached the church probably knew it have plans to build a steeple over 9m in the air.

“That’s a very good target,” said Pastor White.

“We sided with the community that the mast is dangerous to children and health in close proximity. We are a community-based church. Everybody in our church stood with us in objecting to that mast going up.”

On the other side of Cape Town, the AGS Durbanville church sees it differently.

According to the Sunday Times a mast is due to go up next to its crèche, despite objections from neighbours and the Durbanville Community Forum.

Sirol Roselt of the AGS Durbanville said the church community supports the move.

“I have yet to see studies that have proved any health-related downside [to masts]. If there was any proof of health downsides I would not have supported it myself.”

Mast companies and cellphone companies this week denied any devious intent, pointing out that local government bylaws circumscribe their actions.


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