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Cell C announced on Tuesday that is introducing a new range of LTE-A data products aimed at customers who consume larger amounts of data due to the increased data speeds available on its LTE network.

The new data prices are on promotion from 1 October.

Customers signing up for any of Cell C’s LTE-A data promotional deals before the end of December 2017 will enjoy massive discounts on their monthly subscription fees of the already well-priced LTE data plans.

The 15GB LTE-A offer will cost R149 per month instead of R299 per month. The 25GB LTE-A deal comes in at R239 per month, down from R499 per month and the 50GB offer will cost R489 per month reduced from R699 per month.

The larger bundles of 100GB and 200GB will cost R849 and R1100 per month respectively.

The promotional prices will last for the duration of the contract term, but it is also available on a month-to-month offer.

These are SIM only deals, but Cell C offers a range of routers that can be bundled with any of the LTE-A data deals at an additional cost.  These offers are available only on Cell C’s LTE and LTE-A network. Customers who are not in an LTE coverage area can still sign-up for any of Cell C’s competitively priced standard data plans which offer great value.

CELL C CEO Jose Dos Santos
CELL C CEO Jose Dos Santos

“As a business, we try to ensure that customers get the best value on offer and we believe that these new products will fall into that category. Data is an essential part of people’s lives and we strive to ensure that we do all we can to meet our customers’ needs,” says Cell C CEO, Jose Dos Santos.

Prepaid deals

Alongside the launch of the new LTE-A data deals, Cell C is also launching a new range of competitive permanent prepaid data deals at exceptional prices.

These deals are available from 20 September 2017.

“Some customers do prefer prepaid data deals and we have extended our popular Giga prepaid data deals to include smaller packages.  In addition to our 100GB and 200GB offers, we are introducing four new packages to make this fantastic product more accessible to a wider market,” says Dos Santos.

The new offers are 10GB, 20GB, 30GB and 50GB and will cost customers R599, R799, R899 and R1099 respectively.  Customers pay once-off and the data is valid for 365 days. These deals are available across the Cell C network.

“Cell C has invested significantly in its network to manage data demands, rolling out predominantly LTE-Advanced.  We now have close to 2600 LTE-A sites on air and plan to roll out a further 2500 LTE-A sites in the next four years,” says Dos Santos.


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