Why 10betJapan is a Popular Casino in Japan

10betjapan have a good selection of games on offer -  the casino is well known for offering a good selection of games from a variety of different categories.

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10bet japan is a popular online casino in Japan for a number of reasons.

First of all, the actual practice of gambling is not legal in Japan and therefore there are not many physical casinos available for people that was to gamble to attend.

For this reason, a lot of people off your safer gambling their money online and they feel that they are well at risk of running into trouble with the law enforcement in Japan – due to the illegality of the act in which they are partaking.

However, out with the issues of legality, 10betjapan is a popular casino in Japan for the same reasons that many other casinos are popular online in different countries. 

10betjapan can offer high welcome bonuses to new users -10betjapan have been known to give a good rate of welcome bonus to there new customers. This welcome bonus is given out to them as a thanks for joining, as well as to give them something to play with on the casino without them having to deposit they are all in money initially as they are unsure about gambling. This gives the customer trust in 10betjapan, and is one of the reasons as to why it is a popular casino in Japan. 

Online interface – the online interface of 10betjapan is designed very intuitive way and is therefore very easy to use as a result. All of the games that are available (slot machine games and more traditional casino card games) are available through and easily navigable front page on which customers can quickly see what game is what from the images displayed.  

10betjapan have a good selection of games on offer –  the casino is well known for offering a good selection of games from a variety of different categories. For example, there are different difficulties of slot machine games available from easy to hard, as well as more traditional casino games such as tabletop and card games. There is truly something for everyone on 10betjapan – so why would it not be popular?! 

The ease of accessibility – and Japan particularly, computer device and online use is very high. These facts, combined with the fact that gambling is not legal in Japan and there are therefore no gambling houses, 10betjapan is a great choice in that it can be understood to be accessed from any device that is anywhere in the country at any time, and one is far more safe online than they are gambling at a real casino in real life in terms of the law.

10betjapan offers quick accessibility and online safety to all of the customers that choose to use it.

There is also the fact of initial expenditure – it is far cheaper for a person to gamble at an online casino such as 10betjapan than it is for them to go to a physical casino. This is because they have no travel costs, and will most likely spend less online than they might at a casino in real life – there will be less of an element of competition and temptation.


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