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Leading global beauty and cosmetics company, Avon Justine, has announced that it is once again the Diamond sponsor of the Direct Selling Association’s (DSA) Awards Luncheon held on Tuesday, 23 July, in Johannesburg.

Avon Justine SA took the decision to sponsor this event in line with its quest to capacitate the regulatory body and ensure that it undertakes its mandate of ensuring that member companies conduct themselves with the highest level of business ethics.

DSA’s worldwide are trade associations with member companies that market products and services to consumers through an independent, entrepreneurial salesforce also known as direct sellers. There are almost 120 million independent direct sellers of DSA member companies worldwide.

DSA’s around the world serve to promote, protect and monitor the direct selling industry while helping their member companies and their independent salesforce to become more successful in ethical environments.

“We are delighted to be offered the opportunity to play an active role in celebrating excellence and upholding ethics in the direct selling industry. At Avon Justine, we believe that conducting business in an ethical manner should not be a compliant issue, but rather it should be part of our DNA and integral to the way we do business.

“Through our sponsorship of this event, we are reinforcing the importance of abiding by the highest ethical standards in the industry and ensuring that our operations have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Equally important, our sponsorship of the DSA gives us an opportunity to celebrate individuals who are helping to grow the industry by putting their best foot forward and leading by example,” says Mafahle Mareletse, Managing Director of Avon Justine SA, and Board member of the DSA.

The annual DSA Awards recognise the outstanding programmes that DSA member companies have implemented. As part of its sponsorship of the event, Avon Justine SA is also supporting three students studying at the University of Johannesburg. The students scooped the Top Achiever Award in recognition for their commitment and achievement in the past year in the joint partnership between the University of Johannesburg and DSA.

Avon Justine also has a reason to celebrate the 2019 edition of the DSA Awards Luncheon – one of its Sales Leaders, Jakes Etsebeth, will be conferred with the much-sought-after DSA Personality of the Year Award. This prestigious award is bestowed to an individual who has excelled during the past 12 months, and is recognised as a good ambassador for the organisation they represent and the direct selling industry.

“We continuously review our operations to ensure that everything we do is above and beyond reproach. We have remained resolute against testing our products on animals, and using the power of our brand, we have always ensured that we do business with companies and organisations that share our values and ethos. We hope that these awards will go a long way towards instilling good corporate governance in the industry and give the public the confidence that they are giving business to companies that hold themselves in the highest regard,” Mareletse concludes.

Mareletse reaffirmed Avon Justine’s stance against animal testing. He says that as testament of its commitment to animal welfare, Avon Justine has partnered with like-minded partners to supports the development of alternatives to beauty testing. This includes membership of the Institute of InVitro Sciences, Centre for Alternatives to Animal Testing at the John Hopkins University, Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments, European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing and Cosmetics Europe and the Personal Care Products Council.

“We are pleased with the support that we receive from companies such as Avon, through their support we are able to promote, protect and monitor the direct selling industry while helping it and its independent salesforce to become more successful in an ethical environment,” says Imtiaz Ebrahim, Secretariat at Direct Selling Association of South Africa.


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