Cape Town-Based Startup Secures Worldwide QR Code Patent
Cape Town-Based Startup Secures Worldwide QR Code Patent

Cape Town-based 4ORT has launched the world’s first ‘fraud-free’ dynamic QR (Quick Response) code.

A globally-patented algorithm ensures mobile users’ unique identities are securely stored within the code making duplication by fraudsters virtually impossible.

Primarily used today within advertising and marketing campaigns, QR codes would be familiar to cellular users as a type of visual barcode readable by mobile handsets and which typically contains information about the item to which it is attached.

4ORT’s homegrown IP (Intellectual Property) takes static QR codes and introduces a dynamic element in the form of its patented algorithm. This ensures the watertight identification of individual mobile users that can be used for access control, digital ticketing, loyalty programmes, document transfer and many other applications dependent on the secure encryption of personal identity within controlled environments.

“Malfunctioning cards, broken tokens and lost keys are a thing of the past as 4ORT’s dynamic QR codes mean mobile users requiring access to their offices, parking, homes and more need simply point their mobile handsets at dedicated 4ORT scanners,” says Andrew Georgeou, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 4ORT.

He explains that the user’s digital identity securely hidden within the 4ORT QR code cannot be copied, photographed or videoed to fraudulently gain access. In addition, no cellular network coverage is required to use the 4ORT solution. The QR codes can be displayed on mobile handsets in flight mode and still be read by 4ORT scanners.

While ensuring approved users can enter without delay, 4ORT is smart enough to determine whether unauthorised access is being attempted through tailgating.

When it comes to ID-based digital ticketing at events, 4ORT’s electronic ticketing system is simple, safe and easy enough for any fan to confidently manage their tickets online. A user’s banking information can also be coupled to the 4ORT secure QR codes for added convenience.

Mobile users need to be present with their mobile devices to unlock the 4ORT ID, either via biometrics (facial recognition or fingerprint) or Secure Pin, or both. No data can be transferred and no transaction can take place without the user’s prior knowledge and approval, or even both.

The secure handshake between the 4ORT ID code and the decoding software cannot be replicated at any time unless from authentic channels, thus providing fortress-type security. Finally, all transactions are processed on the vendor’s side and are not dependent on the security of the mobile device enabling true user peace of mind.



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