Data Verification a Priority in Unregulated Location Marketing Space

Advertising. Photo by Kate Trysh on Unsplash

Moblicks, a Johannesburg-based mobile and digital advertising technology firm, says South African brands making the move to new forms of advertising must insist on independent location data verification.

“The local digital advertising space is awash with numbers since the advent of new social media and mobile marketing platforms that lend themselves to rich reporting,” says Shaun Rosen, Mobiclicks CEO.

“With the digital advertising marketplace remaining unregulated and an estimated $19 billion wasted on advertising fraud globally, clients must insist on third-party verification of the data served to them by digital advertising partners.”

Location-based marketing continues to advance in leaps and bounds with one recent survey indicating 9 out of 10 marketers planned to use the technology in their campaigns.

Lawless Research & Factual surveyed some 700 US mobile marketers and found that using location data or targeting in mobile executions typically increased sales by 89%, customer growth by 86% and customer engagement by 84%.

In a hugely positive development for the local digital advertising industry, Mobiclicks partner Blis has announced that it is the first global location intelligence company to embrace independent verification of data quality from independent location data verification and analytics company, Location Sciences.

Mobiclicks is the exclusive African partner for the globe’s foremost mobile location platform targeting Africa: the Unilever-funded Blis.

Blis is a developer of world-leading location-based advertising technology that integrates mobile campaigns with brick and mortar stores. The Blis location platform enables Mobiclicks to execute client mobile campaigns that measure eventual footfall into stores.

Mobiclicks says its experience in South Africa points to a 33% increase in footfall following mobile campaigns that place a premium on using localised data to provide valuable consumer insights to advertisers. “Location data tells you a lot about your customers’ likes, dislikes, where they spend their time, and the journey they’re on. To reacher customers in the most relevant way, this data needs to be accurate,” Rosen explains.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this coming together of Blis and Location Sciences as two independent companies with a common goal for more transparency and data integrity in the advertising industry.”

This alliance paves the way for substantial improvements in data accuracy that will filter through to Blis partners around the world like Mobiclicks. Location Sciences’ Verify product can now provide an independent layer of validation and assurance for Mobiclicks’ African client base.

“Across digital, clients are looking for greater transparency to ensure they deliver the most impactful and effective campaigns. The accuracy of location data is another key metric that needs tracking and we’re pleased to be part of Blis’ global drive to guarantee brands the safest, most accurate location data available anywhere,” concluded Rosen.


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