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FNB, one of South Africa’s most innovative banks, is deploying a marketing ploy to convince other banks customers to trust it with their money.

The FirstRand-owned bank is for the first time opening its award-winning Banking App for all consumers in South Africa to experience and engage with, further encouraging and empowering you to manage your money better.

Aptly named, the FNB AppVenture, all customers regardless of who they currently bank with, will have the opportunity to explore and experience the benefits and features of the FNB App.

Non-FNB customers can stand a chance to win one of two R1 million individual grand prizes, by simply downloading the FNB App and making use of a digital account with no monthly fees to experience the various features of the App.

Existing FNB customers are similarly encouraged to experience the breadth of the banks technology by participating in AppVenture, and can do so by performing their day-to-day banking via the App, or using some of the unique features that the FNB App has to offer its customers.

“We are delighted to offer all South Africans the opportunity to experience the benefits of managing their money using our App,” says Raj Makanjee, Chief Executive of FNB Retail.

“While FNB offers several interfaces to consumers, we find that our App is a convenient, safe and cost-effective way for customers to manage their day-to-day banking needs. We are also using this opportunity to help consumers with their savings journey by contributing to the savings goals of those who use our APP over this period.”

Amongst other features, FNB encourages participants to make use of functionality such as nav» Money which helps customers set and track Savings Goals. Consumers can choose a goal to save for, get a recommended personalised savings solution with the ability to track progress on savings. Users can also track their credit status and get insightful tips on how to manage and improve their credit score.

FNB nav» Wellness will help participants to setup and track their health and fitness journey on the FNB App while nav» Home and nav» Car will provide the tools for customers who would like to buy a house or get the latest estimate on their car’s value. FNB believes that goal-based solutions are central to assisting customers with various events on their financial and life journey.

In addition, customers can earn weekly prizes as well as eBucks via a variety of money management activities which aim to drive good banking behavior. The App will help customers to understand and maximise their rewards through personalized information and tips especially as their budgets take more strain due to the rising cost of living costs.

“We are confident that any consumer can get better value from banking with FNB, which is why we encourage everyone to put us to the test. For the first time in South Africa, any consumer can experience our innovative services that were only available to our customers,” adds Christoph Nieuwoudt, CEO of FNB Consumer.

“This includes real time account opening, Cardless Cash Withdrawals, Bank Card Management, Geo Payments for direct payments to another FNB App user, eBucks suite of services and app-based instant messaging with our bankers.”

FNB said it is committed to helping consumers change the way they manage their money and in turn enable them and their families to have a better life.                     


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