Vodacom Business Extends its Network to Miami

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base station. Timofeev Vladimir / Shutterstock.Com

Vodacom Business is extending its pan-African network to Miami in the United States, the enterprise unit of Vodacom Group said on Tuesday.

The company said it is extending its network through the new undersea South Atlantic Cable System (SACS).

SACS is the first to directly link the African continent’s southern hemisphere with South America.

This new trans-Atlantic route offers a significantly cost-effective and faster way for African-based American multi-national corporations to connect back to the United States, reducing latency by up to 40%.

“Vodacom Business is undertaking this investment to shorten the distance between the American and African continents. The reduction in latency which this route provides will allow various business applications and services to function optimally across continents,” Guy Clarke, Managing Director for Vodacom Business International, says.

“Vodacom Business has signed its first client – a global oil and gas multinational corporation – to use the service. Vodacom’s Miami point-of-presence (POP) also connects directly back to its European network, this triangulated network topology brings the United States, Europe and Africa closer together.”

Vodacom Business’s trans-Atlantic expansion follows the recent addition of 19 countries to its Africa market footprint, which increased the company’s overall coverage to 47 countries across Africa.

Vodacom Business remains committed to increasing its fixed connectivity reach to cover most of the countries in Africa, using its extensive network which creates seamless and secure connectivity for multinational organisations, without compromising service delivery standards.


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