BMW is finally going to start integrating Android Auto into its cars, the German-based automaker said.

The automaker is finally introducing Android Auto to its cars as of July 2020.

Android Auto will allow customers to connect their Android smartphones wirelessly with their vehicle and, in doing so, enjoy access to useful information like suggested destinations and upcoming appointments just when it is needed.

Android Auto is integrated directly into BMW’s fully digital cockpit, meaning that customers can view all important information not just on the central Control Display, but also in intelligently adapted form in the instrument cluster’s Info Display as well as in the Head-Up Display, where it appears directly in the driver’s driving direction.

The Google Assistant on Android Auto makes it easy to get directions, keep in touch and stay productive.

“Many of our customers have pointed out the importance to them of having Android Auto inside a BMW for using a number of familiar Android smartphone features safely without being distracted from the road, in addition to BMW’s own functions and services,” says Peter Henrich, Senior VP Product Management BMW.

“We will offer this service to our customers starting in July 2020.”

Please click this link to see the list of smartphones that support Android Auto with a wireless connection.


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