How to Make Business Cards

Photographers are usually people with a high degree of attention to detail, so they almost always want very special business cards.

Business Card
Business Card. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

How do you know, we can make your personal card design, but if you want to do it yourself, we leave you some tips?

Card Format

Offset: If your cards are going to be printed in Offset, we need you to send us a PDF file with the drawn texts. If your card is going to be in CMYK color, do not worry about the colors of your file, but if instead your cards have flat or Pantone colors, you will have to send your card only with the Pantone colors that are going to be printed. Why? Because when you print business cards with direct colors or pantones, the printing company charges you for each color you use.

Digital: If your business cards are going to be printed in Digital, you can send us a file in jpg format at maximum quality, tiff or PDF.

Program to Make the Cards

The best program to design and make Business Card Online is without a doubt Adobe Illustrator. With illustrator you have absolute control of colors, layers and resources, it is much more intuitive than Photoshop, and in addition to offset printing you make the job much easier.

As if that were not enough, there are many websites such as where you can use impressive resources for free, they are resources that other designers in the world have created for the love of art for you to use.

Business Cards with Rounded Corners

Rounding corners on business cards is the order of the day. If you make a good design, round corners will make them look much better. In all my personal business cards that I have printed throughout my years as a designer, I have always been very clear that this is how I wanted my finish.

There are professions that lend themselves more than others, for example it will not be very common to see lawyer cards with rounded corners, but it will be very common to see it on the cards of an architect or a 3D designer.

Small Business Cards

There are many sizes and models and shapes and colors. You don’t have to get the standard card size that is 85 x 55 mm. In my life I have seen large, small, huge, medium and normal cards, which one do you prefer?

You can print small and elongated business cards that fit perfectly in a man’s wallet, they will be different cards that will always surprise you with how rare and atypical they are. The question is, will they surprise for good or surprise for bad? Get yours and discover it.

Print Mimalist Business Cards

These minimalist business cards embody the use of monochrome (black and white) for a truly impressive effect that projects sophistication. With its extremely basic white font design on a black background, this business card is absolutely beautiful. As for the format, the logo and the slogan of your company focus on one side of the card, while your name and contact information focus on the other side that results in a very balanced effect, don’t you think?

Black and White Business Cards

I love black and white business cards, I think if you are able to make a good design without color, then you can consider yourself a good graphic designer. It is not easy to do something good and elegant using the least amount of resources possible, and an example of this is precisely this type of card.

Printing Business Cards for Photographers

Photographers are usually people with a high degree of attention to detail, so they almost always want very special business cards. There are photographers who spend real barbarities in printing their cards because they want the latest, they want their card to stand out for its great quality.

Business Cards for Architects

If there is a profession that stands out for your thoroughness in everything it does, that is the architecture. An architect’s business cards are a whole universe, and I assure you that you will be amazed by the amazing card designs that architects can send you to make an impression on them. Architects do not want any paper; they want the exact paper with the exact weight with the exact color. Architects do not want any color; they want an exact pantone. An architect does not want any finish, they want the 25-micron matt plastic, not 26 microns because I assure you that they will realize and you will have to repeat them.

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