Car Dashboards Will Soon Be Able To Locate Open Parking Spaces

Black matte sports car.
Black matte sports car. ParabolStudio /

Enhanced automobile displays will soon be able to locate open parking spaces, see-through obstructions, and coach drivers into safer operation visually, using the world around them.

Altia, an advanced automotive cockpit display solutions provider, is showcasing what’s next in driver interface design at CES 2020, in multiple exhibits and demonstrations taking place throughout the show.

Altia is a software and services company offering a complete solution for production user interfaces.

The company will be showcasing HMIs (human-machine interfaces) that include the newest features and innovations in:

  • 3D graphical displays that give instruments and objects increased realism and value
  • Integrated cockpit designs with glass displays and touchscreen capabilities
  • Functional safety via displays incorporating sensors, actuators, and ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) that meet ASIL B (automotive safety information level B)
  • Augmented Reality (AR) HUDs that automatically identify hazards, mark routes and distances, provide location-based information, and much more.


Altia said this demo is the result of its research and development efforts on cognitive load-sensitive augmented reality applications for head-up displays. Join us as we get directions and then make a coffee run by following our head-up display directions!


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