Marketing is a Team Sport

We are partnering with autonomous clients that own their customer’s decision journey and analytics but require specific support services.

The MarTech gold-rush promises to deliver predictable success.

Consolidating multiple data sources has the potential to provide one view of the customer experience and actionable insights to continually improve the return on marketing investment. It sounds simple enough, but in reality, it presents several challenges. These include essential fluency in the tech stacks and data analysis to unlock the potential of these powerful tools. The scale of storytelling across massively proliferated customer touchpoints, which demand almost real-time channel and message optimisation, presents yet another hurdle to overcome.

This increasingly expanding and complex landscape is ripe for specialists entering the mix.

Marketers who have ‘in-housed’ their marketing activity will encounter unique challenges that would be best solved by a company with deep specialisation in a particular skill set.

Agencies, despite driving their own digital transformation, will also benefit from access to marketing analytics or product development skills (for instance) on an ad hoc basis.
Fierce is a new model that complements both marketers and agencies with specialist
skill-sets accessible on a per-project basis.

The company manages a network of strategically aligned creative, technical and analytics experts. The model’s strength lies in the ability of the fierce team to identify specialists to address core challenges optimally across the marketing spectrum. The approach is to correlate the smallest number of suitable professionals to maximise efficiency in problem resolution.

When considering marketing requirements such as leveraging marketing data, user experience design or product development, one would be wise to employ companies with a laser focus on a core skill-set.

The company is focused primarily on servicing the international market through facilitated ‘offshoring’, a term gaining traction amongst those seeking exceptional skills from cost-effective markets. South Africa possesses creative and technical expertise that easily competes with the best in the world.

The fierce network includes over 50 award-winning multidisciplinary and specialised
individuals ready to deliver on digital-first requirements. The network offers strategy
services, marketing data and analytics; comprehensive creative and content production (UI & UX design, video, film and animation), as well as digital product development across the full spectrum of scripting languages.

We are partnering with autonomous clients that own their customer’s decision journey
and analytics but require specific support services. And, of course, agencies that wish to
access specialist skill-sets at a moment’s notice.

David Moffatt is the founder & CEO of David exited as Group Managing Director of Hellocomputer, a forward-thinking full-service digital agency, in 2017. Hellocomputer was acquired by IPG, a listed entity on the New York Stock Exchange, in 2012 and now forms part of the FCB group of companies.


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