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President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that the government will establish a new university in the city of Ekurhuleni.

The new university will focus on science and innovation.

“We have decided to establish a new University of Science and Innovation in Ekurhuleni,” President Cyril Ramaphosa said.

Delivering his State of the Nation (SONA) Address to a Joint Sitting of Parliament on Thursday, President Ramaphosa said Ekurhuleni is the only metro in our country that does not have a university.

“This will enable young people in that metro to be trained in high-impact and cutting-edge technological innovation for current and future industries,” he explained.

A new university in the region was first discussed in 2017, with the executive mayor of Ekhuruleni, Mzwandile Masina, putting the official process to get approval for the institute in play in 2019.

During his state of the city address last year, Masina explained that the idea of the university followed a feasibility study for the institution to be in his municipality.

It is expected to specialise in areas like engineering, tourism, aviation, science and tourism.


  1. Good Day

    I have been hearing this since 2017 and now its 2021, four years ago and nothing concrete has been done, is this just talk because Ekurhuleni always tell to their employees that they do not money. My daughter is finishing matric this year and I was hoping this university was going to be built before she finishes so that she doesn’t need to travel out of Ekurhuleni but it seems like there’s no hope of that any time soon.


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