Could AI Replace Academic Writers?

As robots are able to do this it makes us wonder whether academic writers will also be replaced by AI writers.

Robots won’t hold the pens just yet
Robots won’t hold the pens just yet, but they can help people do the work. Paul Fleet/

Slowly robots, artificial intelligence, and automation have started to take over in some industries. They have begun to take over our jobs and this includes academic writing jobs too. It is no longer just the manufacturing industries where AI is taking over and it seems like AI will begin by taking over the jobs of news reporters who deal with fact-based reports. In fact, it has been stated that robot writers are already to write articles that are data-based such as articles related to awards, sports outcomes, earnings, and stock prices.

The Washington Post has already used the robots Heliograf and Quill Ai robot to create over  800 articles. These robots can create thousands of articles which means that professional writers are no longer required. Professional essay writing services e.g. AdvancedWriters with highly qualified academic writers have had a great deal of experience in supplying essays which means there will need to be a viable alternative.

AI replacing humans may be on the horizon, but consumer confidence will take longer. There are so many aspects to consider but the main concern will be the quality of the writing.

The whole point of having an essay writing service is that you have access to writing that can write a better or higher quality essay than you could. Having an essay written by an AI service may not be good enough to replace. There is also an argument that there will need to be a human eye to proof the finished piece so that you can sensor check the essay before it is submitted.

As robots are able to do this it makes us wonder whether academic writers will also be replaced by AI writers. This question can be answered with a yes. That said it’s probably not possible to completely eradicate human writers for now.

Below we will or we will take a look at the negatives of using robots writers as well as the aspects where human writers will always be more popular.

Academic writing

Academic writing is writing that is structured, concise, clear and backed up by evidence.  Ultimately the aim of academic writing is to help the reader to understand. The style and tone of academic writing are formal, However, this does not mean that it is difficult to understand and does not need complex vocab or long sentences. 

The negatives of using AI writers

If you consider a robot dancing, you can imagine that it would be a bit stiff and not very fluid.  Taking this into consideration, an AI writer would also be a bit like this when it comes to writing an academic piece. One platform that has been used is known as NLG ( natural language generation) machine which can take raw data and change it into stories that can be published. This machine has the ability to write over ten times the amount that any human can write. Although natural language generation may eventually sound more and more human-like, a study has been conducted which found that people struggle to recognize the difference between reports that have been written by AI writers and journalists. In reality, it may take more than a decade to get AI writers to take over in the world of writing and it is believed that it will be possible for AI writers to be able to create writing which is pretty much identical to a human writer. 

Human writers

Although academic writers, as well as other writers, may be feeling a bit anxious at the thought of AI writers, it’s not all negative. For example, consider those apps that can be used to check and edit the work that you have written. It is very easy for the human eye to miss small details in a piece of writing and this is where an AI writer can help. Another advantage of using AI writers is that they ensure that we improve our writing and there are aspects of writing that an AI robot will struggle with. For example, an AI robot wouldn’t have any memories, philosophical outlooks are emotions and this is where human writers always overtake. The same goes for any literary writing, as we are thinkers as humans, an AI writer will struggle to achieve this.

When we consider aspects such as style and tone in writing, these can be adapted by AI writers as they can be programmed into the computer’s algorithm. For now, however, this has not overtaken as it will have a huge financial impact and take a lot of human resources.

AI writers are also probably never going to be able to write in an empathetic and interactive way. As humans, we have empathy and it is an element that an AI robot will never understand and be able to apply to a piece of writing. Writers will be better at writing pieces of work that are descriptive or related to data but will lack that human element that is required for certain writing types. 

How human writers will continue to develop

On the whole, we should be very happy and proud of the fact that we have managed to create AI technology along with machine learning and the positives that this has brought us to improve the quality of our education and writing.

It seems highly likely that AI writers will replace human writers in the future, but not for every aspect of writing as some aspects of writing require a personal, human touch which can only be created by humans themselves.


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