The Search For Radiant and Glowing Skin Ends Here – Avon

Avon introduces cutting-edge Vitamin C serum for a more luminous looking skin

The quest to achieve that elusive, radiant and glowing skin will now be the thing of the past following Avon’s launch of ANEW Essential Vitamin C. This serum, which carries the equivalent amount of Vitamin C found in 30 oranges, delivers 10% powerful, stabilised and pure Vitamin C straight onto the skin.

Avon customers who use this new powerhouse anti-oxidant will reap multiple benefits, namely protection against damaging free radicals, significant reduction of fine lines, a more even complexion and improved skin radiance and texture.

“The introduction of ANEW Essential Vitamin C serum builds on the pioneering breakthrough that Avon has achieved in skincare, as the first company to stabilize Vitamin C in 1996. By leveraging our expertise as the first-ever mass brand to stabilise Vitamin C, we have developed a potent, pure and stable formula that stays active from the first to the last drop, delivering a more Vitamin C than other similar products in the market,” says Momin Hukamdad, Avon Executive Marketing Director.

“The launch of ANEW Essential Vitamin C also marks an important step in our journey to provide HER with the products that meet her requirements, are relevant and offer value for money. We are confident that this benchmark product in our bouquet will reaffirm our market leadership in skincare innovation and will build on ANEW’s overwhelmingly high approval rates.”

Developed by Avon’s award-winning team of beauty experts and scientists, Avon’s new supercharged serum had one of the highest approval rates in the history of ANEW: 99% of women agreed that the serum boosted the radiance of their skincare regimen while 92% agreed that it left their skin looking and feeling fresh. Also, 91% agreed that ANEW Essential Vitamin C made their skin look brighter, more luminous and revitalised.*

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient of glowing skin, but it’s not produced by our own body. Since Vitamin C can quickly lose potency when in contact with light and air, the efficacy can be compromised.

Anew Essential Vitamin C Serum is suitable for consumers of all ages, from the ones who are starting to think about skincare to the ones who have tried it all but are still on the quest for the serum that will give them that dreamy glowing complexion. Now they will look no further with Anew Essential Vitamin C.

The ANEW Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum is available for only R299 from the 1st of March 2020 on or from an Avon Representative near you.


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