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Although taxis provide a cheaper form of transport for many people across the country, they have become feared by many drivers and pedestrians around South Africa.

Not only have taxis increased the stress of driving and road rage, but a peaceful drive down the road has become a game of dodge ‘em cars or taxis in this case.

Sometimes taxi drivers pull out the fast moves and it is too late- you find yourself in a fender bender or worse with them. If you do, however, find yourself hit by a taxi, here are some tips to prevent further damage.

Take A Minute and Breathe

 Currently, there are over 150 000 taxis ruling South Africa’s roads so being hit by a taxi is quite possible considering their Fast and the Furious driving techniques.

With there being so many taxis on the roads, the industry is competitive and has been known to become dangerous between different taxi associations and innocent civilians.

The best tip we can give you is to try and relax and not act out should you have a run in with a taxi driver. Many drivers may become aggressive and in seconds, you could be surrounded by other taxi drivers.

Top 5 Tips To Prevent Further Stress After Being Hit By A Taxi:

  1. And Breathe…– Try and remain calm when engaging with them. Although try and take as quick as possible to get their details as, the longer they are not on the road, the less business they get. This could cause them to become ill-tempered.
  2. Get down the deets– Ensure that during your engagement with the driver, that you get the relevant information needed for insurance purposes. Make sure you take photos of both vehicles as well as a picture of the driver’s licence and ID.
  3. Don’t get emotional – Although being involved in an accident is never pleasant, try and avoid showing emotion. Providing the driver with emotion could result in a scuffle and some drivers may be looking for a fight.

To read the other 2 tips click here to read the full article

Remember that being a driver on the road is a risky business, especially when you are frequented by the likes of taxi drivers. It is important to make sure that you receive adequate vehicle cover should you be in an accident. To find out some of SA’s most affordable insurance companies, check this out. 




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