Coronavirus: Netflorist Ventures Into Delivering Fruit and Vegetables

"The well-being of your loved ones is always our priority."


South Africa’s online florist NetFlorist is venturing into the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The service is available to potential customers around Johannesburg North and Pretoria as people stay at home due to Covid-19 pandemic.

As the country’s leading national B2B Fruit and Vegetables wholesaler and distributor, Fruitspot has partnered with NetFlorist to ensure the safe and timeous delivery of fresh produce, South Africa’s online florist said on its website.

“When we’re delivering produce to the recipient, we ensure that our fruits and veggies arrive as fresh and as delicious as the day they were picked. To accomplish this, low-tech, inexpensive preservation methods are ideal,” the company said.

How is Netflorist promising to keep its fruits and vegetables safe, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic?

“The well-being of your loved ones is always our priority,” the company stated on its website.

While there are no suspected cases of Covid-19 at NetFlorist, “we’ve taken a few extra steps to ensure that we keep them super safe”:

  • All our staff are sanitising upon entry, exit and at hourly intervals.
  • Our drivers are sanitising before touching your gift, as well as offering sanitiser to your loved one after they’ve received the gift.
  • To minimise contact, our drivers will ask your recipients if they can leave their gift at the door, reception or table.
  • Our delivery vehicles and all other ‘high touch’ point surfaces are being sanitised regularly.
  • Your recipient will not have to sign for their delivery, our driver will do this on their behalf.


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