Nedbank has launched a new ‘super app’, called Avo, which will give the bank’s customers to access online shopping, essential services and financial products on a single platform.

“Created to bring customers and businesses together, accurately matching customer’s lifestyle needs to product and service offerings through powerful artificial intelligence, safe and secure payments, and bank-grade security.” – Fred Swanepoel, Chief Information Officer of Nedbank.

To date, Avo has reached the milestone of over 5 000 customers registered and 170 registered Home Repair and Services merchants. With requests flying in daily, Avo may just be the platform small businesses need to survive during the National Lockdown period.

The beta version of Avo has been delivering essential goods, providing home entertainment and connecting home service providers across provinces. These are just a few of Avo’s proudest feats as we move into the next stage of the launch plan.


What’s next for Avo?

The Avo beta release to Nedbank Money App users has begun. This will see the phased release of Avo to Nedbank clients, to allow for further enhancements before full public launch.

The beta will allow Nedbank Money App users to use a two-click process to sign up seamlessly onto Avo, and allow this Super App to empower the way they do life.

“For us at Nedbank, that capacity to add massive value to every aspect of a person’s life or business is what makes a platform ecosystem really worthwhile,” Thomas concludes, “and this new digital engagement platform is a massive next step for us on this journey to be more than a bank, but rather through leveraging our digital leadership to be a creator, facilitator and enabler of real and lasting value.”



  1. How do I register with the AVO app on my PC. Please send me the path on the eb page. I have an account with Nedbank.


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