Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu, a Johannesburg-based businessman, has bought Lamborghini, Jeep and three Porsches on the same day.

The businessman, who owns Hamiltonn Holdings, has been trending on social media.

He bought one Porsche for the kids and another for his mother, and one Lamborghini Urus, two Porsches and two Jeeps for himself, the kids, his parents and wife.

According to the company’s website, HamiltonHoldings is a growing professional services company, Founded by Hamiltonn Ndlovu with its head offices in Melrose Arch, Gauteng and 3 additional branches located nationwide in South Africa.

The company was established in 2016.


Providing end-to-end commercial and engineering services in the SADC region from conceptual design to aftermarket support. With nearly 20 years of combined multi-industry experience as a supplier of Strategy, Consulting, Research and Development, Engineering, Operations and Technical Staffing. To a diverse spectrum of industries, we can provide the quality resources you need, exactly when you need them.

The story has revived the ghost of Sam Holdings, who is also now trending on social media.



  1. Bee fraud, that’s not honest business, it’s all ANC Communist looters ! Check with SARS & Hawks, I’m sure he doesn’t pay tax !

  2. Wonder if he has paid his staff during this time, that’s if he has bought them during this lockdown period? If so, I congratulate him.

  3. Good leave life to the fullest. Dont mind people always talk and become jealousy. Well done for your family Hamilton you have for your family .Go back to your roots and thank your family ancestors.

  4. I really don’t understand why people are difficult and jealous about other people’s success. The guy is reaping rewards for his hard work. It’s not his fault that you are waiting for 350 from sassa, he is not the government he is just like you but has worked so hard for what he has achieved, big up my fellow black brother congratulations mr Hamilton ndlovu

  5. When you earn enough to make you and your family live in luxury, then you have motivated those who aim as high as you. Congrats.

  6. Anger is cruel and distructive, but it’s nothing compared to “JEALOUS”

    Congratulations brother, when God opens, no one can close, even satan himself!! 🙏

  7. Big up bro keep them flowing, it all start with knowing the value of money and know what you want in life congratulations Black man you done us proud.

  8. If it was a white person who bought them non of yall reporters were gonna bring Sam’s story,its juss that becoz when a black men make a move the media pushes for the police to start investigating and some jealous pipo start saying its fraud or Anc.Hands up to you Ndlovu keep it going and have them talk more

  9. Congrats Mr Hamilton Ndlovu. This is inspiring. One reaps what one sows. You have laboured. Bravo to you my man!

  10. God is great,congratulations big brother may He continue to bless you and expand your business,from all of us in Phalaborwa.

  11. Congratulations Hamilton, Please dont feel any guilt for the video its your achievement you dont owe anyone an apology. You are young and an inspiration to us.


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