10 Video Games Based on Bands

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Oh, we had a huge list to start with! The contributors on this blog came up with some of the most ridiculous titles, but we have successfully chosen the list down to the 10 best video games based on bands.

So, let’s quit talking and start reading, shall we?

List of 10 Video Games Based on Bands

Here’s a list of 10 video games based on bands!

1. The Beatles: Rock Band

The video game on The Beatles was released in 2009 by Harmonix Music Systems. The game is still popular among The Beatles fanatics and really takes them down the memory lane.

2. Britney’s Dance Beat

Released in 2002, Britney’s Dance Beat was the video game released when Britney was in her prime. With the help of THQ and Kinect, the game became very high-tech and gained immense popularity as well. gambling industry also decided to monetize Britney’s popularity and Aristocrat software company released  Britney Spears Slot Machine in 2014. This slot became very popular as well as other branded slot machines featuring musicians.

3. Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend was based on members of bands like Iron Maiden and White Lion. Tim Schaffer developed this game in 2009 and was inspired by heavy metal album covers. This game was available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

4. Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Complete a series of puzzles and mini-games to help the player, who lives in ‘Liverpool’, make his way to ‘Pleasuredome’. These are both names of the titles by the band Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The game was built for Commodore 64 in 1985.

5. Journey

Journey was solely based on the band and was one of the simplest video games of them all. It was basically a puzzle game where players had to choose from different planets and each planet had games starring the members of Journey.

6. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

This is arguably the most popular video game in this list. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker was a video game that involved dancing and throwing hats at Michael’s enemies in the game. The game was released in 1990 and 1991.

7. Kiss: Psycho Circus – The Nightmare Child

Released in 2000, this game was based on the band Kiss. The video game was a first-person shooter and had Kiss cover band being granted superpowers and the game moved forward. There was also a Kiss Pinball game released a couple of years later.

8. Revolution X

Revolution X was based on Aerosmith and was released in 1994. It was basically a rail shooter game where you had to fight a corrupt governmental force, also called the New Order Nation.

9. Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style

In 1999, Shaolin Style, a street fighting game was released which was based on Wu-Tang Clan. The game was very much like Mortal Kombat and had a Wu-centric storyline.

10. Xplora1: Peter Gabriel’s Secret World

This video game had everything that was Gabriel-related. Released in 1993, Xplora1 had scavenger hunts and mini-games that once played gave players access to exclusive content.

Over to You

Enjoyed the list? Well, we did too when we were shortlisting the titles. It was a great experience going back in time and seeing how some of the best bands inspired video game developers back in the days. Let us know which video games you like the most from the list! We’d love to hear from you.


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