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A high court in South Africa has declared some of the earlier coronavirus restrictions unconstitutional, but it also ruled that level 3 of the lockdown remains in force for now.

The lockdown was imposed to curb the spread of the COVID-19 while giving the government time to prepare the healthcare system for the expected spike in virus infections.

Locking down all business and other activities and confining millions of people to their homes was never going to be easy socially and economically.

All the relevant scientific data has shown that the lockdown saved thousands of lives and set the country on a good footing to tackle the pandemic.

Yet a group calling itself “Liberty Fighters Network” launched a court case against the lockdown restrictions in May, arguing they were unlawful and violated South Africa’s Bill of Rights.

The high court in Pretoria bought their argument and agreed with them before handing down a ruling that said some of the restrictions were irrational and trampled the rights of citizens.

For now, the Liberty Fighters Network has won.

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What now?

Should we all be celebrating? Who benefits from such a ruling? Whose life is not worth more than money?

This previously unknown body is pitting the rights to freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of smoking, and freedom of everything ahead of the health of the population.

Yes, indeed some regulations being implemented are far fetched such as the initial ban of e-commerce.

When deaths become frequent and individual rights fully restored, who will be the wiser? After all, dead men tell no tales.

Shall we in future witness complaints to the International Court of Justice in Hague about how the government let poor people die in large numbers?

Is this Liberty Fighters Network only speaking for those who can manage social distancing and have a privilege to stay in the comfort of their safe yards while the majority do not have the luxury to do so?

That said, Liberty Fighters Network has a right to exercise its democratic right.

But what is the end goal of their High Court challenge? Is it mass graves that they are after?

Mind you, the poor in our nation cannot exercise the same right to decide or ask the court to impose the lockdown simply because they do not have the money to finance such a venture.

Let us debate as a nation while COVID-19 is slowly impacting our nation on what rights we want.

The right to:

      • Smoke
      • Drink
      • Spa
      • Game driving
      • Buy clothes
      • Cross borders up and down (Get COVID-19 whenever I want)
      • Visit Kruger National Park
      • Work party
      • Botox, etc

All that said, the masses of Mzansi have not yet declared what rights are being infringed by the lockdown initiated by the government.

What good is access to rights if they kill you?


  1. Your inept interpretation of the relevant scientific data is dangerous. A true reporter can provide evidence of research. Kindly do so.

  2. The author is clearly not aware of peer reviewed research which clearly shows that lockdowns do not work.
    You are misled to believe otherwise.
    Clearly you are part of the problem making statements that research reveals otherwise? Stop being part of the problem.

  3. The rest of the world is almost back to normal – it is time for South Africa to kickstart the economy. We cant wait for tourists to arrive in February 2021.


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