Over the past few months, South Africans have been inspired by the unrelenting and fearless work of those facing the worst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, from the healthcare and essential workers doing dangerous but crucial work every day, to the journalists bringing us the news from frontlines of this issue. But there are also unsung heroes, closer to home, who have reached out to those in need to make a difference, no matter how small, during this challenging time.

It is these stories that MTN wants to hear as it calls on all South Africans to “shout-out” their COVID-19 heroes so that they can get the recognition they deserve.

“We want to celebrate every hero that walks amongst us. It doesn’t matter who it is, or what they’ve done. Whether it’s a retail worker at your local store, your local petrol attendant, teachers who have embraced online learning, your pharmacist, your doctor, nurse, local charity organisation, or anyone else that you feel deserves recognition, please share their stories with us,” says Jacqui O’Sullivan, Corporate Affairs Executive at MTN South Africa.

To highlight your hero, or heroes, or an organisation that is doing phenomenal work, simply post their story to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, remembering to tag @MTNza with the hashtag #WeGoodTogether. And don’t forget to @tag your hero.

“We are faced with unprecedented challenges as a nation, but we can overcome this crisis if we all stand together and support each other. We want to celebrate the men and women going the extra mile every day to ensure South Africa comes out of this crisis as safely as possible, as it is their example of empathy and kindness that each one of us should seek to emulate,” says O’Sullivan.

Heroes will be showcased on MTN’s social media platforms and through the media, and the best stories and profiles will be showcased on the MTN Everyday Heroes mobi-site, which can be accessed by clicking here

“We started collecting shout-outs on Friday, and already there are some beautiful stories. Please keep them coming as we stand together to celebrate the good work done and give all of our Everyday Heroes the encouragement and support they need, to keep going,” concludes O’Sullivan.


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