satanic church in south africa
satanic church in south africa. image source: patheos

We are the only Registered Satanic Organisation in South Africa, Rev. Riaan Swiegelaar, the cofounder of the first South African Satanic Church, wrote in a church blog.

“I sincerely believe we will see more ones rising in the near future.”

Swiegelaar co-founded the South African Satanic Church with T/Dr Adri Norton.

The South African Satanic Church was launched in February 2020.

The Church in South Africa is located in Century City in Cape Town.

“It is in the creation of this next step of Satanism in South Africa that I hope to fulfil the need for information and assist in shedding light on everything that is already so very Satanic in our human nature,” wrote Norton.

“In no way are we seeking or have the need for you to convert to join our church. We are not looking for another movement with mindless sheep we need to heard. We are interested in sharing information with those whom are seeking and shining the light on liberation, personal autonomy, and the leadership of Self.”

Swiegelaar added that as Satanists, as well as The SA Satanic Church they do not wish or need to convert people or individuals to Satanism.

“As I have learned, from personal experience ; Satanists are born Satanists. We are highly talented gifted individuals. Our numbers are growing by the day‚Ķ”

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