Toyota Begins its R365-m Parts’ Warehouse Expansion


Work has begun in earnest at the Toyota Parts’ Distribution Warehouse in Atlas Road, East Rand, where Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) is expanding the facility to double in size from 40 000m² to 80 000m².

TSAM is investing a total of R365 million in the project and, when completed in 2021, the facility will be the largest automotive parts’ warehouse in the Southern Hemisphere.

The investment is a reflection of TSAM’s commitment to both the South African economy as well as the local automotive sector.

“This investment will also strengthen our position as a Toyota regional manufacturing hub with an ability to fully support any locally manufactured vehicle, regardless of its destination,” President and CEO of TSAM Andrew Kirby says.

“This will further create an environment in which Toyota and the automotive industry can further expand operations, in turn benefitting our local suppliers and the automotive component industry.”

The expanded parts’ distribution warehouse will allow TSAM to further improve the availability of service and replacement parts on all its vehicles – including Toyota, Hino and Lexus.

It will also support over 250 dealerships in the Southern Africa region, as well as 70 international destinations where proudly South African-built Toyota vehicles are found.



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