Digital signage
Digital signage

No matter if big or small, all those businesses that open to the public will have to adapt their safety and hygiene measures in order to keep their premises COVID-free.

For starters, the limited number of people who can be in a store at the same time will create queues outside the shops.  This is where LED signboards come into the picture. Built with materials that will withstand any weather condition, these screens can help customers be entertained while they wait in line and allow retailers to even display some of the products sold inside in order for the customer to have a better idea of what they are going to purchase when they enter the shop, thus reducing their time in the actual premises. But what happens in broad daylight? Will the footage displayed still be visible? VisualLED’s outdoor advertising screens are created so that their brightness level can be adjusted and offer a great luminous range so they can be visible no matter the weather.

Indoors, digital signage will also have many functions, especially when informing customers. Indoor LED screens will allow you to play instructions on the right hygiene measures that customers should follow in the store. Moreover, they will be the perfect ally to increase sales, by displaying the shop’s latest products and special discounts that can’t be printed on regular brochures due to safety reasons.

This is also a great way of substituting any information that was previously on touch screens, as they will need to be removed from stores because they are a possible focus of contagion.

At VisualLED, leading company in the business that has sold LED screens across the world, they know all about the importance of adapting each display to their customer’s needs. This is why they offer bespoke digital signage solutions in all sizes, with anti-vandalism systems and with special heat and rain protection for those who wish to install their screen outdoors.

This is a cost-effective way to get through to customers in a post-pandemic scenario, as LED screens offer great electric efficiency to keep those bills at bay.


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