How Is Mexem Changing SA Trading?

Mexem looks set to promise SA traders access to an impressive array of global markets from the offset.

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The world is getting smaller. However, many South African traders may be forgiven for thinking otherwise, given the intensively local nature of the SA markets. However, an emerging SA company appears set to make significant changes in this regard in the months and years to come.

The internet is changing daily life and pursuits for many people. SA gamers can head to websites such as to check out slots and table games. Online shopping has never been bigger, either. Mexem, an up-and-coming name in stockbroking, is looking to make trading just as simple across South Africa.

What’s Mexem’s Mission?

Mexem is a modern business with plenty of ambition. It’s thought that the service, a flexible trading platform, will bring SA traders closer to global investments. It’s been a relatively short road for the firm to hit current heights, but there are plenty of long stretches ahead.

Mexem, ultimately, wants to bring the world back to South Africa. SA traders looking for global investment opportunities will – the program’s creators hope – turn to the brand for all their US, UK, Japanese, and Chinese trading interests.

Global enterprising is not the only thing on the menu. Mexem also intends to make trading more affordable to budding investors across SA, too. They are quietly growing a service some experts are describing as trailblazing – maybe even disruptive.

Will SA Trading Change?

South Africa’s trading network has plenty of deep foundations. However, there is nothing to suggest that they will not be receptive to big changes. Mexem is already popular across four territories worldwide. What’s interesting about the platform’s rise is, of course, the fact that it has only been short of two years to really hit the big time.

The concept of low-cost trading on a global scale is likely to be very appealing to SA investors. However, it will transpire quite what Mexem will offer in terms of options and markets access in the long run. Crucially, the company’s CEO Itai Liptz believes in a model where users pay for what they use and what they access, and nothing more.

This could well be a lucrative angle to take in SA. Regrettably, trading and investing across the country continues to spike in terms of fees and add-on costs. Could Mexem hold the key to big change?

Looking to The Future

Of course, there is always likely to be some resistance. That said, Mexem is a young firm with solid credentials and experience at its heart. What’s more, the brand is dedicated to breaking down gender inequalities and helping to make investing available to as many people as possible.

Mexem looks set to promise SA traders access to an impressive array of global markets from the offset. For example, traders will be able to dabble in more than 20 different currencies, and over 130 different markets.

It’s a company and brand worth watching as the years roll by. Particularly so, it seems, as the world grows smaller, and offers a level playing field to all who wish to invest.



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